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w h i t e s t r e a m

Blockchain Rating


Credit Rating for the Bitcoin Blockchain


We are building a layer of trust between businesses and customers, for a much safer & faster transactions on the Blockchain

Bitcoin Blockchain

Artificial Intelligence  



Real Time Solution

Our analysis engine provides fraud detection and zero confirmation solution for much safer & faster transactions on the Blockchain.


We reduce your waiting time for transactions approval and let you interact with creditable entities.



 Analyzing the Bitcoin network will help us creating "safe" areas within the Blockchain regardless of which service or product the entities provide.


We are based only on pure Blockchain activity that represents fair trade between participants.



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Instant  Approvals



 Full Chargeback Protection  

Human Expertise


 We strongly believe in our solution, 

With a simple API integration your business can handle safely with much bigger amount of transactions.


Increase your costumer base significantly by providing them a zero - confirmation solution.






Regular transaction time 

from 1 minute and up to 2 days . . .

w h i t e s t r e a m

 1 -2 seconds ! 


Thanks to our analysis engine